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Potentiality knocks on the door of my heart.

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if i ever misgender you or use slang (bro, man, gurl, dude) that makes you feel even slightly uncomfortable please tell me because your gender identity and comfort is more important than any word i may use to refer to you

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me handing an absence excuse to my prof

me handing an absence excuse to my prof

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real friends | maybe this place is the same and we’re just changing


real friends | maybe this place is the same and we’re just changing

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In the room of everything I have lost
nobody is crying. There are boxes and boxes
of lipgloss, sunglasses and cellphones.

All my baby teeth are crushed into dust
on the floor. My virginity is around here somewhere
in a box marked “New Years Eve, 2008”

In the corner
Something hangs in the air like regret, or acceptance
or maybe some strange mix of both.

And of course in the room there is you.
I remember when you said you loved me.
Kissed me under a streetlight and said

“Of course I’ll never forget you. The rain in
your hair, how your mouth tastes like Marlboros
something about you burns in me. And all of it

sounded like a promise to save me.
I thought you could absolve me of my foolishness.
My nightmares. My glass skin. I thought you could

heal me. I could wash the plaster from your fists.

-In The Room Of Everything I Have Lost, Clementine von Radics (via clementinevonradics)


Pierrot le fou (1965)

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I’d always hated the word realistic. Or, more truthfully, I’d always hated the way people used the word realistic—as if it were a limitation, as if reality was something that conformed so severely to likelihood that surprising things could never, ever happen.

—David Levithan, Wide Awake (via anditslove)



appreciate brown eyes more bc the people with brown eyes are grown up forcing to believe fuckin blue and green and grey are beautiful and either detest or get incredibly happy when someone compliments their eye color stop letting this happen

there are people with brown eyes reblogging this and theyre talking about still being sad with their eye color and this is exactly why we need hype about brown eyes

beautiful people with brown eyes:

-audrey hepburn

-naomi campbell

-eva mendes

-all of girls’ generation like wow

-emma watson

- natalie portman

-jourdan dunn

brown eyes are warm and beautiful. i have brown eyes myself and i love the color..

embrace your eye color <3

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